WORLD War 4.2

A Novel By Siyamak Atayee

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World War 4.2 book coer

World War 4.2 novel winged lion

In the year 2101, the world has changed. In the aftermath of World War 3, the United States faces a new superpower in the East known as the Empire. The US Marines and the Agents of Homeland Security are vastly outmatched by the technologically and genetically superior Imperial Guards and the 10,000 Immortals. Investments in Artificial Intelligence have failed but genetically enhanced brain power has tipped the scales in favor of the East. The only thing stopping an invasion of the United States is a network of deadly satellites that are controlled by a religious militia known as the God’s Army.


The Los Angeles Municipal Green Zone is protected by laser force fields. Outside of this safe zone, in a run down village, lives an immigrant, twenty-one-year-old Cyrus who loves Star Trek and Star Wars. He has been raised in isolation, oblivious to the dangers in the world around him. He has received an extensive education and military training, but all historical events on or after September 11, 2001, have been kept secret from him. He longs to escape his tedious, lonely life and find Yasi, his childhood love, who was taken away years ago. He is unaware of the assassins searching for him and of the pivotal role he will play in World War 4.



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